APROPOS                                 Moon Rabbit

Moon Rabbit serves seasonal and local produced food and domestic seafood [as much as we can].  We want you to know where your food comes from. Hell, we want you to know your farmer!                                                                                                       
#1  Question:  "Moon Rabbit?"

             The Tale of Moon Rabbit goes a little something like this;
One day a long, long time ago an old beggar stumbled through a village. He was hungry and tired and it was the day of a full moon. A monkey, fox and rabbit came upon the old man beneath a tree on the edge of the village.    
"Hello," said the monkey.

The old man told them that he was hungry and tired.   They gathered food for the stranger, thinking their good faith gesture would provide a great reward. He was a man after all, his ingenuity could provide great comforts. The monkey brought fruit from the tree dreaming of all the banana trees the old man could plant. The fox brought stolen milk curd  thinking at worst he could eat the old man. The rabbit had only grass to offer the stranger, so instead offered itself to the man.

The old beggar at once revealed himself to be Albertus Magnus, the great alchemist. Touched by the rabbit's virtue, he cast the rabbit on the moon.  Just look up at the full moon on a clear night and slightly turn your head to the right...  you'll see the rabbit  creating the elixir of life in his mortar and pestle to this day. 

​The Hashery of Moon Rabbit doesn't have the cultural reverence of the Moon Rabbit tale. We'll come clean; we're a radical 21st century restaurant in the non-historic 20th century building on Main Street. There are no breathtaking views from our 'hole' in the wall, no elegant interiors (in fact, we don't have indoor seating) and no fancy frills. But what we lack in ancestry, we make up for in the cultural offerings of our menu! Like the moon rabbit we make our own elixir of life; ours is food.The food made here is tribute to dishes from recipes handed down from every ethnic cuisine we love from around the world. We grew up on fresh, seasonal ingredients and know how important that foundation is to making food right. 
Mouth watering yet?   


Question #2: "When are you open?"

          We are a pop-up seasonal restaurant. Our menu changes daily and is subject to product availability.
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