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In the interest of our well being and the health of our customers, the restaurant is currently closed to the public.

To place an order for our delivery service please 

With our current state of affairs, Moon Rabbit [as ever] does the best that it can, the only way it can; we do it our way. Our strategy is to serve our purpose, serving you Eats! and purpose without preparation is meaningless.

It is very important to us that you understand why we’ve chosen to implement social distancing as much as it is important to us that you observe it.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Each of us have the ability to see into the future. Our crystal balls are the other countries in the world who have been impacted by this virus before it landed at our shores and crept its way to our doorsteps. The data being shared is clear; the populations that adhere to “extreme measures” are seeing a reduction in new cases. The infection rate is reduced, hospitals aren’t forced to triage and less ICU cases are recorded.



We have decided that our deliveries  will be “without contact”. We will deliver to your front door, alert you that your food has arrived, then leave to avoid unnecessary risk of contamination.


For our customers that reside outside of Watertown, remote pick up service is coming soon! 


We believe a good customer is a healthy customer! Compromising this belief to provide a false sense of security or normalcy is not worth the risk. Your good health is that important to us.

Moon Rabbit has earned your trust by doing the right thing by our customers and we will not let you down now. Even if we don’t have an outbreak in Watertown, by operating this way, we substantially decrease or eliminate the possiblity of contracting the virus.


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